May 27, 2020
Hong Kong people wearing surgical masks druing the COVID-19 pandemic

Explaining Hong Kong’s Coronavirus Response

Hong Kong's sucessful control of the coronavirus shows that the city still possesses the elements of strong governance and a strong society, regardless of the approval rating of any political administration.
May 11, 2020

It Takes A Virus To Reinstate The State

Royal Society of Arts

The Covid-19 pandemic is in many ways a timely and real-world experiment to see which elements of state governance matter in times of crisis.
May 7, 2020

Hong Kong must guard against overconfidence and parochialism – pitfalls clearly illustrated by US Covid-19 failures

South China Morning Post

The US has learned nothing from the coronavirus successes in the likes of Vietnam and China, and is instead crippled by political polarisation and blinded by past glory. These are the same pitfalls threatening Hong Kong’s ability to negotiate an uncertain future
May 7, 2020

US offers cautionary tale

China Daily

Hard questions need to be asked to ensure the right lessons are learned from events of the last few months