Custom Offerings


Bespoke solutions for management trainees up to the C-Suite


Designed to meet specific client objectives through classroom learning and/or experiential business projects


Experiential projects carefully selected and framed by our team, working with external partners or co-designed with clients to focus on internal challenges and opportunities


Custom Leadership Programmes

Custom Online Programmes offer clients preferential access to the full range of GIFT’s proprietary curriculum, leadership development tools and high-touch virtual facilitation.

Clients may specify course duration and structure, cohort size, key content areas and degree of engagement during and outside group webinar sessions.

Courses may include virtual project facilitation to produce strategic outcomes and test participants’ teamwork and collaboration skills.

To optimise your investment of time and resources in developing top leadership talent, get in touch to learn more about these options and request a proposal.

Custom Clients Include

Group 406

A leading converged technology solutions provider

Group 407

Government agencies and regulators in Asia and the Middle East

Group 408

Market leaders in the insurance sector

Self Asessment-01


Online Discussion-01


Live Discussion-01


Personal Assignment-01


Remote teamwork-01




Candidate Profile
  • Next Generation
  • High Potential Talents
  • Executive & Boards
Core Themes
  • Drawn from Leadership Reset & ignite Asean curriculum
  • Industry & region-specific content upon request
Course Structure
  • Flexible structure, 4-12 weeks
  • Weekly or bi-weekly webinars

An extraordinarily well-structured and facilitated programme – an eye-opener, offering a global view on the complex topic of sustainability and a deeper understanding of the demands of leadership.


Our Custom Programme Client

Outcome-Driven Facilitation

Fatigue with consultants who overcharge and under-deliver. Lack of buy-in and support for outside solutions. The desire to engage key management and staff who are at the front line of execution. For these reasons and more, it pays to develop solutions from within, with expert facilitation.  

GIFT facilitators have decades of experience advising governments and global companies, designing and conducting tailored outcome-driven workshops, inclusive of all decision makers, not merely those sitting atop the hierarchy.

Our approach is laser focused on practical outcomes, free of jargon and unnecessary complexity. Honest, inclusive and unfettered by vested interests, facilitation cuts through the noise and goes straight to the core of the issues.


Bespoke Workshop

Within organisations, absence of clarity on corporate culture, shared goals and open communication can create a management team that lacks trust and is ineffective in achieving the organisation’s collective goals. These barriers to team cohesion often require external facilitation to ask the hard questions and stimulate honest discussion.

GIFT’s outcome driven facilitation methodology has helped organisations with:

  • Team integration
  • Consensus building
  • Building corporate culture
  • Operationalising new ideas

Track Record: GIFT facilitated a two-day workshop with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies to identify and resolve conflicts within the management team, come to a consensus on the mindset changes necessary to achieve the desired business outcomes and an action plan to support development of new behaviours.

The business environment is changing at a faster rate than ever before and organisations must continuously respond to remain competitive. Leaders must understand the impacts of the external environment on the business as well as critically examine current business models to ensure the relevance and sustainability of the organisation.

Corporate participants have been guided to:

  • Rethink current constraints
  • Interrogate existing products and services
  • Create new business ideas
  • Develop actionable plans

Track Record: Engagement for leading European chemical company to analyse challenges in key Asian market and outline new business opportunities to be shared with senior leadership.

In order for leadership teams to effectively drive the business, manage change and motivate its people, they must be aligned on the leadership traits they wish to embody as a team, be able to articulate them to the organisation and lead by example.

This requires gaining awareness of existing shortcomings as individuals and as a team and redefining leadership as they know it. GIFT has worked with clients to:

  • Map Leadership Gaps
  • Build Leadership Pillars
  • Customise Purposeful Leadership Goals
  • Instill High Performance Culture

Track Record: Workshop series for Central Bank of a Southeast Asian country to create leadership pillars and cascade them through the organisation with implementable action plans.

Sustainability can no longer be CSR, ESG or PR-led. Instead it must be understood and integrated into the core of the business model. The gap between awareness on climate and sustainability issues and global inaction is growing and companies can no longer remain reactive and assume that doing the minimum will be accepted.

GIFT’s expert facilitation has advised leadership to:

  • Understand what sustainability really means
  • Formulate clear positions on approach
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Build organisational competencies

Track Record: Customised workshop for a multinational food and drinks company to facilitate the leadership team to define the vision for sustainability and identify new business models to support the vision.

Framing The Challenge


Example Sector Challenges

Group 409


Group 410


Group 411

Life Sciences and Health

Group 412

Transport and Logistics

Group 413



In teams, participants brainstorm one “Traditional” business idea, one “Adjacent” and one “Radical” linked to the challenges


These early stage ideas are pitched to the group for discussion and critique The cohort votes for the best idea from each team for further development

Output Production

With guidance from facilitators, teams build out their ideas into robust business proposals and present them to the wider group

Going Forward

As part of next steps teams will also present a timeline with ownership of immediate actions Following the workshop taskforces may be given one month to conduct further due diligence in before submission of formal proposals to senior management for review and final approval

Business Proposal

Problem Statement

Competition Key

Support Business

Opportunity Size

Partners Policy

Model Next Steps


GIFT workshops are designed to engage participants prior to convening in person, facilitate the production of valuable, original outcomes and define and agree the next steps and commitments to action for the team to take forward.



    Lavinia is a part of the Communications and Marketing team at GIFT, where she excels in crafting compelling content and deploying copies across various platforms, including newsletters, websites, and social media channels. With a passion for writing, Lavinia brings creativity and dedication to her work, striving to enhance GIFT’s visibility and engagement.

    Prior to GIFT, Lavinia served as a project management intern at Accenture, where she was tasked with improving document management processes and monitored various project dashboards. Beyond her professional endeavours, Lavinia is deeply committed to making a difference in her community. As a volunteer for MED-EL, she educates and supports new users of cochlear implants, drawing from her own experiences as a deaf individual.

    Lavinia is a recent graduate from Monash University Malaysia with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce. She speaks and writes fluently in both English and Malay.



    Shenshen is a researcher at GIFT ASEAN. She is responsible for curating and enhancing the organisation’s intellectual content, ensuring that the content remains relevant, cutting-edge, impactful, and widely recognised across programmes, special projects, events, and thought leadership initiatives.

    Prior to GIFT, Shenshen served as an innovation manager and biosafety officer at a biotech R&D startup. Following this, she was a commercialisation manager at an intellectual property firm. She holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Nottingham.


    Lina is the Communications and Marketing Manager, overseeing the communications and marketing for both GIFT Hong Kong and GIFT South East Asia. She plays a critical role in raising GIFT’s profile and building a strong regional and global presence for GIFT.

    Lina has been in communications for about 10 years, working on a broad range of issues, from social causes to international business partnerships, venture capital, technology startups to corporate governance and sustainability. Lina is skilled in formulating strategies to increase brand awareness, engagement and trust. She is also adept at developing well-researched, high-quality content and implementing campaigns that meet the audience where they are and deliver impact when it matters most.

    Lina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the National University of Malaysia. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Malay.


    Haziq Omar is a Programme Associate at the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International and Strategic Studies from the University of Malaya (UM) and a Diploma in Communication and Media Studies from UiTM. Before GIFT, he has 5 years of professional experience working in various industries such as a dispute resolution associate at a global e-commerce company and several years as a learning and development associate at a US-based artificial intelligence firm.

    His passion lies in global politics, socio-economic development, and macroeconomics. Beyond work, he enjoys football and music. Haziq believes in moderation when addressing social issues, and seeking balanced solutions for a better world.


    Divya Moorjani is a Consultant based in GIFT’s Hong Kong office. She contributes to advisory projects focused on policy, global shifts, and social impact. She also plays a key role in the development and execution of GIFT’s leadership development programmes. Prior to joining GIFT, Divya began her career in international development, gaining experience in Geneva, Switzerland and London, U.K. Her work involved managing a diverse portfolio of donor-supported development initiatives, including projects supported by the FCDO, B.E, SCD, and UN on governance strengthening, institutional capacity and inclusive social development programmes across a range of countries in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Divya holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from Boston University and The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, respectively.


    Sachiko is a Programme Associate at GIFT ASEAN. She is involved in activity planning, coordination, and communication with internal and external stakeholders. She pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Social Sciences, majoring in Writing and Psychology, from Monash University Malaysia. During her studies, she was a student volunteer at the Center for Asia Leadership and was also active in the student council.Before joining GIFT, Sachiko was working at health-tech start-ups in the Operations and Sales Operations function, where she built CRM workflows, reports and dashboards to improve processes within the organisation. 


    Debbie is an Associate Consultant at GIFT and is responsible for supporting advisory projects relating to sustainability and social impact and the development of leadership programs. Prior to joining GIFT, she had worked in the U.S., Rwanda, and Burundi on environmental health research, public health policies, and global health equity executive education. She had also led a team to open a surgical hospital in rural Burundi where she was involved in overseeing partnership relations, supply chain logistics, renewable energy infrastructures, and sustainable development. She graduated from Harvard University with a BA in History of Science and a minor in Global Health and Health Policies. She is fluent in English and Cantonese and proficient in French.


    Firdauz is a Programme Associate at GIFT ASEAN. He is involved in activity planning, coordination, and communication with internal and external stakeholders, as well as the documentation of programme outcomes. He graduated with a (Hons) Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Public Policy from UNIRAZAK (University Tun Abdul Razak). Firdauz has also been Toastmasters since 2017, honing his public speaking skills. Prior to GIFT, Firdauz worked at the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department under Taylor’s Education Group, where he conducted and led educational and sustainable programmes for underprivileged communities in Malaysia. He is fluent in English and Malay.


    Khang Yee is a Programme Manager at GIFT ASEAN. She is responsible for the end-to-end success of GIFT’s programmes, from curriculum design to participant experience and programme outcomes. Prior to GIFT, Khang Yee was an HR practitioner with experience in talent development, employer branding and culture transformation. Following this, she worked at an NGO as the Head of Programme to support vulnerable groups in Malaysia by improving access to education, resources, and career opportunities. ​She holds a BSc. Psychology with honours from the University of College London (UCL), UK. She is fluent in English, Malay and speaks several Chinese dialects.  


    Angaindrankumar is a Programme Manager at GIFT Southeast Asia. He is responsible for developing and executing GIFT’s programmes as well as to monitor the risk and quality of the programmes — resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action where necessary. Prior to him joining the organisation, Angain was a journalist at a media start-up where he covered Southeast Asian geopolitics, technology, business and the environment. ​

    He holds a First-Class Honours Degree in International Relations from the University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus) and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in International Relations at the Asia-Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya. His present research pertains to the use of 15th-century Javanese historical texts to enrich the understanding of power in International Relations. ​Angain is fluent in English, Malay and Tamil.


    Murari is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for UOB Singapore. Prior to joining UOB, he worked in various leadership roles in several multinational corporations across the banking, consumer and consultancy industries.

    On top of his role at UOB, Murari has taken on international and regional industry leadership and advisory roles. He currently serves on the Advisory Panel for Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS), is a Senior Industry Advisor for CIO Academy Asia and is a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID). He previously served on the International Board of Directors for the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC) and was a member of the ISACA International Professional Standards Committee.


    Kelly is the Head of Customer Intelligence & Analytics of Prudential. She leads customer management across the region leveraging data insights and analytics to deepen engagement with customers, fill their protection gaps and enable seamless experience. Prior to joining Prudential, Kelly held numerous leadership roles for top financial institutions. She has over 20 years of delivering business results with analytic solutions in sales & marketing, operations, risk management and HR.


    Leo is the director of human resources in Microsoft Hong Kong. He oversees the day-to-day operations of all people-related programs to support the growth of the Hong Kong subsidiary. Having worked at the technology and life insurance sectors in North America and Asia Pacific, he brings a diverse set of skillset specializing in talent management, people development, organizational learning and talent acquisition. Prior to Microsoft, Leo was most recently the Head of Talent Management & Development at AIA, in charge of developing customized career advancement and contemporary talent retention strategies. He also elevated the role of human capital management beyond conventional means to reverse mentoring programs, next-gen summit, innovative hacks, design thinking and career roadmap visualizations. Leo is a huge advocate in working with the businesses to drive bespoke, relevant and practical solutions for their people.


    Justin is an Associate Consultant at GIFT and is responsible for supporting advisory projects relating to sustainability, innovation and social impact.

    Justin worked in New York and Hong Kong, including notable companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and most recently at Deloitte Digital in a consulting role. At PwC Hong Kong, he was in the Government and Public Sector Consulting practice and was involved in local projects related to Smart City, IoT infrastructure and start-up innovation. Justin has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a BSc in Media, Culture & Communication from New York University.


    Myra is a Consultant at GIFT and is responsible for managing advisory projects relating to sustainability and social impact and developing transformative leadership programmes.

    Myra’s background is in strategy and evaluation for public health policy and interventions and is experienced in project management, capacity building and stakeholder engagement (NGOs, government and industry). She has had experience working in cross-cultural environments in Zambia, Cambodia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. Myra has an MSc in Public Health specialising in Health Promotion, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London. She also holds a BSc with a major in Cell Biology and Genetics and a minor in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia, Canada.




    Mr K. K. Ling is a professional town planner. He was the Director of Planning of HKSAR Government and President of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners. He is now the Director of Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He also serves the community as the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Housing Society, Director of the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited and Chairman of its Entrepreneurship Committee, and the Chairman of the Country and Marine Parks Board. He is also the Adjunct Professor of the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Professor of Practice (Planning) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


    Valerie is Programme Manager at GIFT. Prior to joining GIFT, she spent several years in the Legal Industry, with a particular focus on corporate law, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Leadership and Development at the University of Hong Kong. She received her law degree from University College London and is a member of the New York Bar. She is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.


    Vinobha Anthony Doss is a Programme Associate at GIFT ASEAN. Prior to joining GIFT he was in the practice of civil litigation and dispute resolution. He has been involved in various public policy shaping cases lodged in the Malaysian courts. His creative approach coupled with the depth in legal knowledge has resulted in effective legal reasoning and client management. Vino graduated from the University of London and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2017. He speaks fluent English, Malay, basic Cantonese and basic French.


    Viji is the Operations Manager at GIFT Asean.  She oversees the operational management of the KL office.

    Prior to joining GIFT, Viji worked in various organisations and has spent the last 15 years on NGO work mainly focusing on performance arts and cancer respectively.  Viji holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology from the Dublin Business School.  She speaks English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Malayalam.


    Brenda oversees the programme design and implementation, as well as content development at GIFT. Prior to GIFT, Brenda was a Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Malaysia for almost 8 years, leading macroeconomic assessments and growth projections for monetary policy deliberation. Passionate about public policy, she also sought to diversify her research interests and expertise over the years – ranging from trade competitiveness and investment incentives to social protection. When COVID-19 hit, Brenda had a hand in crafting various stimulus measures to support the vulnerable groups in Malaysia.

    She holds a degree in BSc. in Economics with honours from the University of Warwick, UK. She has also attended various professional courses by the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of Korea at Washington D.C., Singapore and South Korea. She is fluent in Malay, speaks several Chinese dialects and knows basic Korean.


    Venus joined GIFT in 2021 as a Programme Associate. She has extensive experience in programme management and supporting advisory projects related to sustainable development in Hong Kong and wider Asia. She was a key contributor to a feasibility study on establishing a global plastic recycling platform and circular plastic waste management. Venus’ other responsibilities include managing and creating content for GIFT’s PR.

    Prior to joining GIFT, she worked at the United Nations, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a boutique sustainability consulting firm. She was involved in projects ranging from climate change and sustainability planning, public policy research and analysis, to stakeholder engagement, and community outreach. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies, with an additional concentration in Inequality Studies. She is fluent in English and Hindi.


    Since joining GIFT in 2010 Karim has served in several roles, including as Head of Programmes in Hong Kong, and as Managing Director of GIFT’s Southeast Asia business. He has designed and facilitated dozens of classroom, field-based and virtual development programmes for leaders at Fortune 500s, MNCs, Government Agencies and NGOs.

    After 22 years in Asia, Karim returned to Scotland in 2022 and now lives between Edinburgh and Kuala Lumpur. In addition to facilitating, he currently serves as strategic advisor to GIFT’s new EdTech venture GIFT.ed, and dedicates his spare time to studying, practising and teaching mindfulness-based approaches to living well with stress and chronic pain.

    Prior to GIFT, Karim was a partner in a Shanghai-based food and beverage company which opened 50 stores across a dozen Chinese cities. Karim has an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, and is pursuing a Masters in Teaching Mindfulness Based Courses at Bangor University in the UK.


    In addition to leading GIFT’s dynamic team and business, since 2008, Eric has facilitated more than 50 experiential leadership programmes in fifteen countries. He is well versed in introducing new ideas on governance, business and sustainability and coaching participants to think critically about their role as leaders. Before joining GIFT, Eric spent several years managing multi-stakeholder partnerships between global brands and civil society groups in the United States and China. He writes and speaks regularly on topics related to leadership development and the changing role of business in society. Eric is an alumnus of Stanford University and holds a Masters from Hong Kong University.


    For more than three decades, Chandran has advised governments and MNCs on strategic management, leadership issues and sustainability, and is often invited to facilitate for top corporate education providers including Duke CE, INSEAD and NUS. He was previously Chairman of ERM in Asia Pacific, helping establish it as the world’s leading environmental consultancy. Chandran is on the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome and is a member of WEF’s Global Agenda Council on Governance for Sustainability and Experts Forum, where his thought leadership is sought for its fresh insights and intellectual honesty. He is the author of the best-seller – Consumptionomics: Asia’s Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet, and The Sustainable State: The Future of Government, Economy and Society.